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Do You have a complex project or are you looking for competent service providers?!

Through The Vendor Hub Platform, you will reach out to service providers working on projects similar to your project or qualified to serve with similar entities.

We support procurement and contract departments during their business journey.



Your business is our Priority.

  • Collaborative data for sharing experiences.
  • Interactive relationships to facilitate access.
  • Mutual evaluation to increase the efficiency of research.
  • Ability to expand database.
  • Having appropriate service provider to complete the project.
  • Search for vendors, communicate with them and view their profiles easily.
  • Uploading data to Saudi servers that are secure and restricted, ensuring privacy and confidentiality.

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Create your profile professionally; Get closer to your projects.


Vendor Hub operates with an exceptional vision to connect facilities with purchasing managers, in order to reach the right service provider to fulfill the orders of the entities faster than before!


How can you take advantage of Vendor Hub services?
(Growth) Progress is what we communicate for.

If you register as a service provider, you contribute to increasing the chance that your profile will be visible to service seekers in the “Procurement and Contracts Sector”. As a result, we recommend that you prioritize accuracy and completeness in data entry and share all projects so that the procurement team can invite you to projects that are a good fit for you.

If you are registered as a service seeker, welcome to the world of suppliers and service providers. Here is a professional network that connects service providers with service seekers and provides opportunities to get the most efficient service provider to carry out the work.



  • Register once to show all service seekers participating in The Vendor Hub Platform.
  • Meet your customer before contracting.
  • Uploading data on secure and closed Saudi servers that maintain privacy and confidentiality.
  • Preserve the confidentiality rights of the presented information.


You will reap the rewards of your effort and get greater access to the right projects through the easiest tool to connect with procurement and contract department.