Creative ideas come after multiple attempts to defeat the inner voice and after epic rounds of struggles for inner thoughts!

The idea triumphed over Muhammad, carrying a grudge against the monotonous daily routine devoid of surprises and all that catches the eye!

And after Muhammad built extensive experience fueled by passion and inclinations, and fueled by experience and learning, he set out to invest his energies in completing group projects with an estimated value of more than one billion riyals by working with many major companies such as: (Al-Ra’idah,…)

Where the journey of discovering the spark of suffering began since 2012 AD, through which Muhammad discovered the most prominent obstacles that the procurement and contracts team goes through, which come in different and varied forms and dilemmas starting from the proportionality of contracts with service providers, so sometimes the team does not reach the appropriate resource and sometimes the resource is in another city !
The decision maker often loses basic data, and the team loses a lot of time and quality decreases.

And after Muhammad established two departments of supplier relations in those major companies with their models, cadres, planning, supervision and implementation, Muhammad found an opportunity to launch a “supplier platform” that regulates procurement and contracts with high standards and consistent with legislation; To facilitate access to service providers, and tell the story in a more beautiful language!

Vendor Hub targets:

  • 20,000 Service providers. 20,000 Service providers.
  • 500 Service Seekers 500 Service Seekers